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At Repare Therapeutics, we are always looking for highly innovative and collaborative individuals who are passionate about discovering revolutionary cancer treatments.

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Computational biologist



Position: Computational biologist

Company: Repare Therapeutics

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA



Repare Therapeutics is a 2017 “Fierce 15” startup backed by tier-one strategic and institutional biotechnology investors (  Repare develops next generation, precision oncology drugs that target specific vulnerabilities of tumor cells in clearly defined patient populations.  Founded by leading experts at the forefront of DNA damage and repair (DDR) cancer biology and genome-scale synthetic lethal screening technologies, Repare has assembled a seasoned team of industry veterans and a world-class Advisory Board.

Repare currently has an outstanding opportunity available for a motivated and accomplished computational scientist.  The successful candidate will work closely with biologists, chemists, and translational scientists to impact critical decisions across all stages of drug R&D, from target identification, patient stratification to clinical development.  If you are aspired to become an expert of drug discovery and development, experienced in generating novel insights by combining biology and analysis of genome-scale large data, and savvy with computational techniques in statistics and mathematics,  you will thrive in our team-oriented, fast-paced, dynamic environment!

Job title will depend on the experience of the candidate.


–  Collaborate with internal and external teams to develop and implement a state-of-the-art computational analysis platform for omics-based oncology drug discovery

–  Apply and develop computational, statistical, and machine learning methods to mine multi-dimensional genome-scale data sets and derive biological insights

–  Execute integrative analysis of cancer omics, clinical information and functional genomic data to support prioritization of targets and stratification of patients

–  Perform systematic analysis to characterize the landscape and natural history of DDR pathways in human cancer

–  In collaboration with discovery and translational science teams, propose testable hypotheses and experimental verification plans to support program decisions

–  Acts as an expert consultant and scientific resource on computational and statistical topics



–  PhD in Computational Biology, System Biology, Bioinformatics, or related fields

–  3+ years of post-graduate working experience in oncology drug discovery and/or translational setting

–  Solid understanding of cellular and molecular biology and cancer biology.  Experience on DNA Damage and Repair is highly desirable

–  Strong hands-on programing skills (R, Python, Unix, SQL, etc)

–  Solid understanding of probability and statistics

–  Experience with network-based systems biology platforms and methodologies is highly desirable

Senior Research Scientist – Pharmacology



Position: Research Scientist – Pharmacology

Company: Repare Therapeutics

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada



Repare Therapeutics is a 2017 “Fierce 15” drug discovery company backed by tier-one strategic and institutional biotechnology investors ( Repare develops novel, precision oncology drugs that target specific vulnerabilities of tumor cells. This is accomplished by combining a proprietary, high throughput, CRISPR‐enabled drug target discovery platform with an experienced team of small molecule drug discovery scientists, structural and computational biologists.  Founded by leading experts at the forefront of DNA damage and repair cancer biology and genome-scale synthetic lethal screening technologies, Repare has assembled a seasoned team of industry veterans and a world-class Advisory Board.


We are seeking an experienced scientist at our Montreal site to assume a hands-on role as part of a scientific team responsible for assessing the in vivo pharmacology and efficacy of novel pre-clinical anticancer compounds.  The scientist will be involved in evaluating drug combinations of Repare drug candidates with targeted agents and with immuno-oncology therapeutics, establishing detailed PK/PD relationships, therapeutic window and performing mechanism-of-action studies.



  • The level of position responsibilities will be adjusted according to the candidate’s background and experience level.
  • To identify and implement clinically relevant rodent models in which to evaluate the in vivo efficacy of novel anticancer compounds.
  • To research, identify and develop relevant pharmacodynamic markers to monitor compound target engagement in vivo.
  • To develop pharmacodynamic assays to quantitatively track target engagement in blood and/or tumor tissues by western blot, ELISA, bead proximity, IHC, qRT-PCR, FACS or other means.
  • To harvest tumor and tissue samples from treated animals and establish PK/PD and toxicity relationships in vivo for Repare’s pre-clinical drug candidates and drug combinations. To process blood and tissue samples for monitoring PD markers, hematological and tissue toxicities.
  • To conduct drug PK/PD modeling to optimize dose/scheduling and therapeutic window.
  • To communicate results at project team meetings and be involved in the coordination and preparation of presentations, reports and manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals.
  • To maintain detailed laboratory notes and protocols.
  • The successful candidate may be required to work non-standard hours from time to time, including occasional weekend and statutory holidays as required by on-going experiments.



  • MSc or PhD in biological sciences and minimum of 3 years relevant experience.
  • Experience in oncology, DNA repair and/or chromatin remodelling is essential.
  • A strong background in cell biology and quantitative cell-based assay development using various modalities including FACS is essential.
  • Diverse experience in cell and molecular biology techniques to monitor PK/PD relationships is essential.
  • Experience in pre-clinical drug discovery in an industrial setting is an asset.
  • Experience in small animal handling, preferentially in carrying out pre-clinical rodent oncology models is an asset.
  • Experience with pharmacodynamic modelling software is an asset.
  • Ability to communicate in an open, clear, timely and consistent manner.
  • Outstanding organizational skills (lab book, experimental design, documentation etc.).
  • Ability to handle multiple projects and utilize judgement to prioritize tasks.
  • Ability to contribute as a team member in a dynamic, fast-paced biotech environment.

Senior Medicinal Chemist


Position Senior Medicinal Chemist

Company Repare Therapeutics

Location Montreal, Quebec, Canada





Repare Therapeutics develops novel, precision oncology drugs that target specific vulnerabilities of tumor cells. Repare integrates insights from several fields of cell biology including DNA repair and synthetic lethality, combining a proprietary, high throughput, CRISPR‐enabled gene editing target discovery method with computational biology and clinical informatics.  Newly identified targets are pursued by a seasoned team of drug discovery experts enabled by high‐resolution protein crystallography, drug metabolism and pharmacology to develop a new generation of precision oncology, small-molecule therapeutics.  Repare is backed by tier-one strategic and institutional biotechnology investors with track records for high-impact drug development, including Versant Ventures and MPM Capital.




Repare Therapeutics is seeking an experienced medicinal chemist to support an internal drug discovery program.  The position requires strong scientific leadership and communication skills to collaborate with internal scientists and external service providers.   The selected applicant must combine excellent laboratory skills, knowledge of contemporary synthetic methods and ability to work effectively in a multidisciplinary environment.  Candidates must have the ability to communicate clearly, collaborate and enjoy a fast-paced and hands-on research environment.


  • Design small molecules inhibitors of target proteins with desired drug-like properties that meet a specified target profile.
  • Execute multi-step, complex organic syntheses in a timely, efficient, and independent manner.
  • Participate in the development of scientific goals for specific programs.
  • Interpret SAR with a clear understanding of relevant biological and ADME data.
  • Interact with molecular modelling, biology and DMPK colleagues to help form program strategy.




  • Ph.D. degree in Organic Chemistry with a minimum of 3 years relevant experience or M.Sc. degree with a minimum of 10 years of relevant experience in the field of drug discovery
  • Effective communication skills, both verbal and written and the ability to work effectively as part of a multidisciplinary team.
  • Experience with computer software relevant to laboratory research and data interpretation.

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