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Camonsertib ATR Inhibitor

Camonsertib (RP-3500) is a potential best-in-class ATR inhibitor.

Our lead clinical-stage product candidate, camonsertib, is a potent and selective oral small molecule inhibitor of ATR that is being developed for the treatment of tumors with mutations in ATM, which forms a SL pair with ATR. ATR is a critical DNA damage response, or DDR, protein that acts as both the master regulator of the response to DNA replication stress, as well as a central effector of the DNA damage checkpoint.

Based on the previously published SL relationship between ATR and ATM, ATR has been the target of prior drug discovery efforts, and ATR inhibitors in development have demonstrated promising, durable clinical responses in a small number of patients in early clinical trials.

Patients are in the forefront of our minds as we develop camonsertib.

Through our STEP2 screens, we believe that we have more precisely identified the patients who could benefit from camonsertib, and this allows us to differentiate and enrich our clinical development strategy as well as address multiple types of solid tumors.

Camonsertib has demonstrated an optimized selectivity, pharmacokinetic and anti-tumor profile in preclinical studies that supports its potential to be a leading ATR inhibitor.

We announced our worldwide license and collaboration agreement with Roche for camonsertib (RP-3500) on June 1, 2022.

We have a number of synthetic lethal therapies in development.