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Camonsertib ATR Inhibitor

Camonsertib is a potential best-in-class oral small molecule inhibitor of ATR.

ATR is a critical DNA damage response (DDR) protein that acts as both the master regulator of the response to DNA replication stress, as well as a central effector of the DNA damage checkpoint. Camonsertib is being developed for the treatment of tumors with specific genomic alterations, including those in the ATM gene.


Patients are in the forefront of our minds as we develop camonsertib.

Results from our MYTHIC Phase 1 clinical trial demonstrate safety, tolerability and early efficacy of camonsertib in combination with lunresertib, a small molecule inhibitor of PKMYT1, across multiple tumor types and genotypes, with the strongest anti-tumor activity to date in gynecologic tumors. Additionally, camonsertib has shown clinical benefit for patients with BRCA 1/2 mutations and clinically meaningful anti-tumor activity when used in combination with all leading PARP inhibitors.

In 2022, Repare entered into a worldwide license and collaboration agreement with Roche for the development and commercialization of camonsertib.


We have a number of synthetic lethal therapies in development.