Leaders in DNA Damage & Genome Instability

  • At the forefront of genome instability biology and genome-scale synthetic lethal (SL) screening approaches
  • Seasoned and highly qualified management team with broad experience in drug discovery and development
  • Scientific co-founders and members of management team with extensive collective experience in oncology drug discovery and development who are pioneers in the field of SL

Genome-wide CRISPR Enabled SNIPRx Platform for the Development of Precision Oncology Therapeutics

  • Ability to address previously untargetable tumor biology, including loss of function mutations
  • Enhanced benefit-risk profile from precisely targeting tumor cells with the defined mutation while sparing normal non-cancerous cells
  • Genetic stratification of patients, potentially enabling higher response rates
  • Tumor-agnostic approach, focusing on specific genetics and enabling the application to multiple tumor types

Robust Pipeline of SL-based Precision Oncology Therapeutics

  • RP-3500 product candidate in development as potential leading ATR inhibitor to treat cancers with DDR defects and high replication stress
  • Oral CCNE1-SL inhibitor in development as a small molecule to treat tumors with CCNE1 amplification
  • Oral Polθ inhibitor in development to treat cancers in patients with BRCA 1/2 and other lesions
  • Several additional preclinical SL targets identified

Repare Therapeutics is a leading clinical-stage precision oncology company enabled by our proprietary synthetic lethality approach to discovering and developing novel therapeutics. We use our genome-wide, CRISPR-enabled SNIPRx platform to systematically discover and develop highly targeted cancer therapies focused on genomic instability, including DNA damage repair.