Leaders in DNA Damage & Genome Instability

  • At the forefront of genome instability biology and genome-scale synthetic lethal screening approaches
  • World-class SAB and advisors
  • Global KOL collaborator network

Validated, Productive Discovery Platform

  • Scaled, differentiated and operational discovery platform and small molecule drug development engine
  • Genome-wide and chemo-genomic CRISPR/Cas9 Synthetic Lethal screening technologies
  • Structure-enabled small molecule discovery
  • Advanced, proprietary informatics and clinical translation insights

First-in-Class Assets & Promising New Targets

  • Multiple internally-discovered programs advancing to Drug Candidate selection. Entering clinical stage with 2 compounds in the clinic in 2020
  • Leading RP-3500 program with mono- and combination-therapy potential across major indications
  • Growing pipeline of novel and industry-validated targets to fuel long-term pipeline

Repare Therapeutics is developing new, precision oncology drugs for patients that target specific vulnerabilities of tumor cells. Its approach integrates insights from several fields of cell biology including DNA repair and synthetic lethality. Repare’s platform combines a proprietary, high throughput, CRISPR‐enabled gene editing target discovery method with high‐resolution protein crystallography, computational biology and clinical informatics.